Diversifying Theatre Boards Programme

We're less interested in talking about change because we focus on making change happen! Our NEW Diversifying Theatre Boards Programme started with an action-focused session hosted by National Theatre on 15 November 2016, in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) and Independent Theatre Council (ITC), in which our members alongside trustees and senior management representatives of over 20 London Theatres joined together to take positive steps for change. This event was subsequently followed by an ADF event at Chelsea Theatre and we have plans to create a third event at Sheffield Theatres.

Our events provide our members with bespoke training sessions to demystify how theatre boards work, as well as an opportunity to network with theatre leaders and trustees of London theatres to make connections for the future. Likewise, these events present trustees and senior management staff with support and guidance of how to take action to diversify their membership and network.

These events have been extremely successful in helping organisations to accelerate their progress by exploring, sharing and articulating their action plans to their trustees, peers and ADF and increasing their networks with culturally diverse artists and leaders.

These events resulted in further collaborations with Artistic Directors of the Future who announced their plans for supporting organisations to diversify their boards. We will kick-start our ADF Diversifying Boards Programme with our ADF Board Shadowing Programme.

If you would like to host an ADF Diversifying Boards event at your organisation, please contact ADF via email at adofthefuture@gmail.com.

Check Out ADF Board Shadowing Programme.

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