ADF Board Shadowing Programme

At ADF, we recognise that Trustees have the ultimate responsibility to recruit and appoint the artistic directors and leaders of their organisations. Currently there are disproportionately few BAME representatives on the boards of London theatres which we think hampers the appointment of more BAME leaders of those organisations. We also recognise that the relationship between existing Trustees and the diverse talent pool in London remains distant.

Artistic Directors of the Future's Board Shadowing Programme aims to bridge the gap between culturally diverse artists and leaders and boards of directors, while also providing our members with a real insight into how theatre buildings function.

The ADF Board Shadowing Programme begins with two induction workshops carried out by ADF and the host organisation, This is where you will meet your 'Buddy' and be joined by your fellow shadower(s); you will outline your expectations and goals for the programme and learn more about the role of the board, organisation and ecology of the building. This process will end with an evaluation session to assess the experience.

We are pleased to announce that our Board Shadowing Programme will begin at artsdepot

“artsdepot is delighted to be working in partnership with ADF. By welcoming ADF members to artsdepot and sharing our working practice at senior and Board level we hope artsdepot can continue to support the next generation of artistic leaders.”
Tracy Cooper, Chief Executive

If your organisation is interested in becoming a board shadowing partner, please contact ADF via email at

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